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C-Team Conference Call Notes
Mon, 8/17/09
Present--Josue, Cindy, Rocio, Michael, Sylvia
Absent--Maureen, Elena, Will, Tom
  • NPC conference call agenda, updates?
  • NPC applications status
-- Website posting
-- Voting mechanism
-- Separate discussion meeting recommendation to NPC
  • Next NPC face-to-face meeting location recommendation(s)
  • Communication plan to WGs for 2 reps to Organizing Committee (OC)

  • NPC conference call agenda, updates?
-- We need to send conf call reminder
-- Busy agenda, need a facilitator who can keep time limits on each item.
  • NPC applications status
-- We received another application (from United Palestinian Network)
-- We need to call 7 applicants and invite them to join NPC conf call
-- Website posting
-- Cindy can send ICT applications without personal info for NPC review on website.
-- Voting mechanism
-- ICT found a five-star average rating mechanism that can be easily installed.
-- C-Team prefers a yes/no/abstention with comments (for why) mechanism that also tracks which NPC orgs have voted (one vote per organization)
-- Five-star voting (e.g., 1 star ok, 5 stars great) may present complications and uncertainties over criteria.
-- C-Team recommends non-public voting where results are sent to C-Team; C-Team would review results and send appropriate letter to applicant.
-- We recommend a 3 day window for voting.
-- NPC currently has no policy on quorum.
-- Majority voting determines results based upon number of votes cast.
-- We agreed all NPC member organizations should be encouraged to cast votes, not just those currently active—too difficult to sort out.
-- Sylvia will follow up with ICT about voting mechanism and website applications posting.
-- Separate conf call recommendation to NPC.
--C-Team will recommend two times for applications discussion
--Mon, 8/24 at 2pm (EST) or Wed, 8/26 at 3pm (EST)
-- We recommend applicants join first half hour of NPC conf call to introduce selves and answer NPC questions. After applicants hang up, NPC will discuss each application.
-- This will also allow for time to contact applicants, get applications on website, and develop voting mechanism.
-- Reinstating on-leave NPC members
-- Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) was on-leave and has new reps and have applied to rejoin NPC. Since they were previously active on NPC, C-Team agreed it makes more sense to reinstate them than have them apply all over again.
-- People Organizing to Win Employment Rights (POWER) was previously on-leave and brought on a new rep, Alicia, who was at recent NPC meeting.
  • Next NPC face-to-face meeting location recommendation(s)
-- For political and practical reasons (Detroit-Atlanta connection), it makes sense to hold next NPC face-to-face and OC meeting in Atlanta.
-- Rocio will check with Stephanie to see if Project South has the capacity to host this.
--Additional site recommendations based upon regions needing a build up and NPC participation include—
-- New Orleans—Michael will check with Angela at People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond.
-- Denver—Josue will check with Ricardo at Padres Unidos
-- Northwest—Sylvia will check with Cindy Domingo, Garry Owens, and Larry Evans at Center for Social Justice (Seattle)
-- One of the Indigenous Nations—Sylvia will check with Tom.
-- Chicago folks indicated an interest to Cindy.
--Perhaps we can consider a NPC schedule that looks like—
-- Oct 2009 away from Detroit; Jan 2010 in Detroit; Mar 2010 away from Detroit; May 2010 in Detroit.
  • Communication plan to WGs for 2 reps to Organizing Committee (OC)
-- The NPC agreed upon a new structure so the Working Groups need to select 2 reps to the Organizing Committee.
-- The C-Team will email the NPC and DLOC with a mass email indicating that WGs and DLOC committees should meet and discuss selecting 2 reps to the OC.
-- Timeline: WGs and DLOC committees should meet by Aug 31st and select reps by Sep 15th.
-- Rocio and Ahmina drafted a structure and criteria for DLOC reps that has been working well. Rocio will share that with C-Team, then she and Sylvia will draft a communication email and share it for review with C-Team.
-- National and Detroit staff will participate in OC but their voting status is unclear.
-- We are trying better to integrate staff and local participants (DLOC) in national work, plus we have more staff this time around.
-- Some staff positions are more closely tied to some Working Groups than others thereby possibly weighting votes for particular WGs.
-- C-Team agrees that staff should not be WG reps to emphasize notion that staff are WG support persons and to encourage maximum participation by volunteers.
-- C-Team will ask for NPC recommendation on voting status of staff on OC.
-- Current C-Team will remain active until 9/15 when OC and new C-Team transition is in place.
-- Cindy will begin transitioning out of C-Team and Michael will participate as part of GGJ decision.
-- Cindy will continue to coordinate NPC application requests until a new point person is selected in new C-Team.