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What is the OC

The Organizing Committee is the central coordinating and decision making body for USSF planning.

The Organizing Committee (OC) represents the Working Groups, Detroit Local Organizing Committee (DLOC) at-large members and anchors, and brings together national and local representatives and staff. The OC will inform and make decisions around the body of work for planning and organizing the USSF. The OC also drafts proposals and makes recommendations to the NPC at its face-to-face meetings and monthly calls.

The main task of the OC is to ensure coordination between and amongst the working groups and national and local organizing. The OC ensures that the NPC and DLOC get regular updates about working group decisions, processes, and needs. This body troubleshoots gaps or breakdowns in the process and helps resolves problems by making recommendations to the NPC. The OC evaluates the overall work plan and timeline, and ensures the USSF is meeting its goals and keeping on task. The OC also helps track overall political cohesion of the USSF and helps identify political conversations/contradictions that the NPC should be discussing.

Representatives to the Organizing Committee must be willing to undertake these higher level responsibilities and be accountable for their work to other members. They should also perform them in a manner consistent with USSF principles.

OC work transferred from C-Team

OC accountability

OC reps

The Organizing Committee consists of approximately 26 members selected by their respective working groups:

  • One representative from each of the thirteen national working groups (13):
-- Communications-Media (Main rep: Scott, Alternate rep: David)
-- Culture (Main: Oya, Alt: Rishi)
-- Gender Justice (Main: Mayowa, Alt: Rose)
-- Indigenous (Main: Tom, Alt: Bineshi)
-- Information, Communications, Technology (ICT) (Main: Alfredo, Alt: Jamie)
-- Language Access (Main: Roberto, Alt: Josue)
-- Logistics (Main: Maureen, Alt: Tapeka)
-- Outreach (Main: Cindy, Alt: Tammy)
-- People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) (Main: Stephanie, Alt: Ruben)
-- Poverty (Main: Marian, Alt: Mary)
-- Program & Culture (Program: Alicia, Alt: Jerome)
-- Resource Mobilization (Main: Michael, Alt: Priscilla)
-- Youth (Main: Jardyn, Alt: Corina)


  • One representative each from the four anchor organizations (4) -- Centro Obrero: Elena; EMEAC: Diana; MWRO: Maureen; SE MI JWJ: Reggie.
  • Two at-large representatives from the Detroit Local Organizing Committee (DLOC) (2) -- Oya, Fred;
  • One representative each from each team (2): International Solidarity Team (Main: Jen, Alt: Rocio) and Personnel Committee (Main: Diana, Alt: George F)
  • All national and local USSF staff (14): Maureen, Will, Adrienne, Sylvia, Sha, Adele, B, Akudo, Roberto, Victor, Mallory, Tdka, Heather, Jardyn.

Each working group will identify one alternate representative that will substitute for the main representative when he/she in unable to participate in meetings or temporarily does not have access to communication tools. The alternate rep may also participate in face-to-face OC meetings. The Organizing Committee meets by conference call on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 1pm EST, in person one day before the quarterly NPC face-to-face meetings, and communicates via email between meetings.

OC schedule and meeting notes

OC conf call 12-4-09 3pm EST/12pm PST, first meeting
OC conf call 12-22-09 1pm EST/10am PST, specially scheduled meeting
OC meeting 1-7-09 face-to-face meeting in Albuquerque
OC conf call 1-25-10 4pm EST/1pm PST, first regularly scheduled meeting
OC conf call 2-8-10
OC conf call 2-22-10
OC conf call 3-8-10
OC conf call 3-22-10
OC Face-to-Face Meeting 3-26-10 thru 3-28-10
OC Face-to-Face Meeting NOTES 3-26-10 thru 3-28-10
OC Face-to-Face Meeting In-depth NOTES 3-26-10
OC Face-to-Face Meeting In-depth NOTES 3-27-10
OC Face-to-Face Meeting In-depth NOTES 3-28-10
OC Face-to-Face Meeting DECISIONS 3-28-10
OC conf call 4-12-10
OC conf call 4-26-10
OC conf call 5-10-10
OC Face-to-Face Meeting 5-21-10
OC conf call 6-7-10
OC Conf Call 8-16-10
  • Regularly scheduled OC conference calls are the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 4pm EST/1pm PST.
  • Reminder: NPC monthly conference calls are the 3rd Wed at 3pm EST/12pm PST

OC working group reports

Prior to each OC conference call, Working Group representatives must submit in writing a brief report of their work progress and feedback needs.

OC working group reports 12-4-09
OC working group reports 12-22-09
OC working group reports 1-25-10
OC working group reports 2-8-10
OC working group reports 2-22-10
OC working group reports 3-8-10
OC working group reports 3-22-10
OC working group reports 4-12-10
OC working group reports 4-26-10
OC working group reports 5-10-10
OC working group reports 6-7-10

Multi-Working Group Projects

program design team -- started 2-13-10
logistics-program design 4-24-10--conf call notes
logistics-program design 5-2-10--conf call notes
print/online program -- started 2-16-10
print/online program -- started 3-10-10
print/online program -- started 4-5-10
national outreach card edits -- started 2-1-10
FAQs for website -- to be uploaded weekly to website(s)
Registration -- committee work for initial launch, additions and updates