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National call meeting notes

Logistics WG conf call notes 12-4-09
Logistics national conf call notes 1-31-10
File:LogistTeamsLocalNatl020310.xls - Excel spreadsheet with logistics teams and contacts at local and national level
Logistics national conf call notes 2-14-10
Logistics Brigade Detroit 3-12-10

Detroit Logistics Committee meetings

See Logistics_Committee for meeting schedule and notes, includes Sustainability Subcommittee
See Detroit Outline of Tasks, July 2009


Exploratory childcare discussion notes 03-18-10
Childcare Conf Call Notes 04-01-10
Childcare Conf Call Notes 04-15-10

Children's Social Forum

CSF mtg notes 04-14-10


As we move forward, we can use this page Registration Process to keep track of the needs of the registration team.