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The US SOCIAL FORUM is about social movement building. It is a space for us to come together and confront the root causes of the problems that face our communities, to get and share power to resolve these problems, and to build movements for real, long-term change. The USSF is the next important step in our struggle to build a powerful, inclusive, diverse, international movement that will transform this country and change history.

The goals of the Social Forum are to create an open space and a process for creating movement convergence and coordination, raise awareness of social justice issues, provide opportunities to share experiences, and discuss strategies for social change and solutions to the problems facing people across our many struggles, regions, and diversity.

WHO IS COMING? Working people, artists, students, organizers, indigenous communities, poor people, immigrants, social justice activists, families, and people from every region of the country!

WHAT IS THE FORUM? Workshops, panels, celebrations, family reunions, film fests, tents for dialogue & activities, actions, marches, cultural experiences, learning, sharing, strategizing, coordinating to build our movements!

WHY DETROIT? Detroit in 2010 is the perfect place and time for the Social Forum. The creative and imaginative activism building across the city over the past several years has earned Detroit the nickname "Solution City." At the same time, Detroit is ground zero for the economic crisis facing millions of people in Michigan and across the nation. So while Detroit is one of the best examples of the failures of the current system, it is also one of the best examples for how to build and create a new, just world. If you care and want to be part of the solution, you just have to be there!

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Come to Detroit, June 22-26, 2010--we'll be looking for you!
  • Organize an online event in your community during the forum with Detroit Expanded!
  • Plan a workshop or participate in work projects during the Forum.
  • Join a national planning working group or Detroit committee.
  • Organize a People's Movement Assembly in your city or region.
  • Support forms of travel to Detroit: bikes, buses, planes, marches, caravans.
  • Donate and help us build to welcome 15,000 participants.
  • Perform or showcase your art at USSF venues.
  • Get "Raise Money to Raise Movements!" fundraising tools:
  • Help get out the word through your social networks,newsletters, and websites!

Please visit to get involved and learn more about the US Social Forum!

Email: or

Toll-free number: 877-515-USSF

(in 14pt font) For persons with disabilities or users of other languages: If you need materials in alternative formats/languages or accommodations to participate, please make requests prior to May 1. Specify exactly what you need, along with your contact information to or call (248) 956-0354.

Distribution Plan:

Chicago local distribution/hub - 10,000 postcards. 1,000 posters, 500 stickers.

B to distribute to Milwaukee, Gary, South Bend, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, etc.

         -   25,000 postcards, 5,000 posters, 1,000 stickers
         -   5,000 Spanish language postcards for national immigration march in DC 3/21

Distribution for second printing:

Ship to distributors in 1,000 postcards, 200 posters, 200 stickers

        St. Louis, MO (Jeff Ordower from MORE and a contact at Veterans for Peace)
        St. Paul,  MN  (Rose Brewer)
        Louisville, KY  (KY Social Forum/JwJ)
        Lincoln, NE (contact to be determined)
        Denver, CO (Ricardo from Padres Unidos)
        Los Angeles, CA (Tammy from LCSC or Brigid from Pushback) - include 500 spanish postcards
        Seattle, WA (Cindy) postcards are the most valuable, can print off the leaflets off the website
        AFL-CIO does not need postcards, will adapt their own and print off 
        East Coast Pending

Detroit, Adele Nieves