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Working group representatives: prior to the 3/22/10 conference call, please submit your written report below. This information will be used to help draft the agenda and will allow other working groups to be prepared with feedback.

Each report should include the following:

  • Summary of working group projects, activities, and/or organizing work.
  • If applicable, summary of working group (sub)committee projects, activities and/or organizing efforts.
  • Upcoming deadlines or milestones.
  • List of feedback, direction, and support needed from the OC and/or specific working groups.
  • Name of representative(s) who submitted the report.

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COMM WG OC report 3.22.2010

Social Media Proposal


Gender Justice


  • Decided to have a Gender PMA during the forum
  • Further developed what activities we would have in the canopy
  • Made connections with QLC with Akudo joining part of a GJWG call
  • Came up with issues and questions to be addressed at OC meeting
    • How to ensure a gendered analysis throughout plenary, submissions, and decisions
    • Further discussions with outreach coordinators
    • What is the price of the canopys?
    • A discussion on security issues/who to follow-up with on discussions
    • Gender neutral bathrooms/not gender neutral bathrooms
    • Accessibility to forum with its technology emphasis
    • Connecting with local Detroit gender justice organizations

Feeback from OC

  • How do we apply for 1,500 allocated to working groups?
  • Update on Children's Social Forum



We have now closed 40 tickets in Milestone 4 and more than half of those were closed this pass weekend during a marathon print Saturday and Sunday. That sprint took about 25 hours per person (with five people working at some point during the sprint).

A summary of that work can be found at:

Among the significant advances is work done to meet the requests, made last Monday night, about major changes in the logic of the workshop submission system by Program and Culture and the reworking of the homepage to give Communications WG more control over what they can do to the page, the writing of documentation about how it works and the removal of graphic material on the page to improve it.

We completed most of the work for adding people to the organization registration form after it's been filed but have yet to do final display additions and do a full code test so we are going to need another week to complete. It will be finished and made public during next weekend's OC meeting.

We've also continued planning the mesh network and other aspects of the actual Social Forum set-up at Cobo.

And we have answered scores of tickets.

Language Access

Technology: - set up web-based database for volunteer interpreters translators to sign up - set up translation pipeline - updated workshop submission form to reflect LA structure

Translation Pipeline - working groups can now submit materials for translation (webpages, forms, etc). FOLKS SHOULD START TO DO SO ASAP IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE TO CATCH UP - volunteer translators can access docs, translate them, and send back - need more volunteer translators –please help recruit - would be good to have most if not all of website translated before next workshop submission deadline

Currently working on: - revising budget to present in detroit - tracking down 07 equipment to see how much of it can be used again - building a glossary of commonly translated social justice terms - assessing capacity for interpreters at the forum

Plans for Detroit: - Explain Language Access at the Forum: practice and politic - Face time with Finance re budget - Face time with Disability Justice re Coordination - Assess meeting spaces for tech specs - Look for office space/wireless

Asks from other groups - Help recruit more interpreters/translators - START SUBMITTING MATERIAL FOR TRANSLATION - If you received an email from me about equipment purchased in ’07, please respond

Submitted by RCT


Please review extensive notes and to-do list from recent meeting of Logistics Brigade Detroit 3-12-10 with Detroit logistics coordinators, Atlanta logistics coordinators, and national co-coordinators. Whew!


People's Movement Assembly

Report on work:

  • Short video is out online describing PMA
  • Organizing drive mailing out to 300 organizations
  • FAQ developed
  • tech requests in to create button on the 4-hour submission form
  • assemblies and resolutions are being posted on the abc site
  • planning towards face to face meeting in May to connect to the NPC meeting

Needs from OC:

  • discussion on national assembly process, costs
  • tech requests filled so that participants can orient to the process & submit assemblies
  • to go over planned assemblies at this point and assess other forces in motion that need to be mobilized
  • PMA space at forum that accepts and coordinates resolutions



  • Budget estimate for Delta to Detroit March estimated at $168K.
  • Fundraising Plan: $50K requested from United Methodist Women; Larry & Monica Beemer of PPEHRC working through possibilities. We need everyone on this.
  • PMAs: “Sharing visions, actions, & commitments.” We’re doing all along the march. Cheri will get with Fred & Sylvia to confirm each. MBJ sent dates and map.
  • Outreach: Sylvia updated D2D march route & related info on USSF web. Need to apply for share of $5K caravan funds & $1500 for Working Groups to increase outreach.
  • PWG Rep needed for Plenary Team: Detroit will tap someone local.
  • PWG Reps needed at OC meeting: Marian & Cheri as Mary will be out of country.
  • Action recommendation approved: PWG to mobilize if folks to converge at DTE in Detroit, rally & protest about 4pm, be a feeder march to the opening march of the forum (begins 5pm).
  • Workshop: Following are some ideas; everyone to add, comment, revise by e-mail; volunteers should step forward before next meeting to shepherd the process & get the final proposal in.
- Resisting Unjust Child Removal (poor children being removed; fighting back)
- Housing takeovers (how to)
- Safety Net in 2010: Why the New Deal Isn’t Possible
  • Survival News is online!
  • Next meeting: Second Tuesday of April, the 6th, at 1 pm eastern.

Needs from OC

  • How apply for $1500 allowed to each working group?
  • How apply for caravan/march/mobilizing funds?
  • Where can get additional logistical support for Delta to Detroit March?

(notes from Mary BJ)

Program Working Group

what we've been working on:

  • working with the communications working group to send out reminders and announcements about the upcoming deadline to submit workshops
  • working with the outreach working group to keep track of how many registrations and how many workshop and cultural submissions are coming in
  • extended the deadline to submit workshops to april 20
  • trying to smooth out the kinks that are arising with workshop submission (some are showing up twice, some aren't showing up at all, some are getting character limit rejections, etc.)

what we need to talk about / need support with:

  • coordination and communication with the following areas of work:
    • We need to develop a process/division of labor for addressing phone call questions relating to workshop and cultural submission forms that come in to the Detroit office.
    • We also need to develop a process/division of labor for submissions that are mailed in to the Detroit post office box.
    • Also, if folks are going to be able to email in the forms (Are they? Has that decision been made yet?), we need to develop a process for dealing with those emailed in forms.

Resource Mobilization


Work Summary:

  • The youth outreach packet has been completed and is posted on the Youth wiki
  • USSF National Youth Fund-raising day will be April 24-25. This is an event that is set to help local youth raise money in solidarity to participate in the USSF
  • Held our first call with local Detroit youth on March 15 and discussed possibilities for a youth action in Detroit
  • March 15-16 outreach in Tallahassee, Florida during their Youth Lobby Day

Youth Outreach schedule

  • March 29: Baltimore, Maryland
  • April 8: Jacksonville, Florida
  • April 13-15: Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina
  • April 15-17: Greensboro and Durham, North Carolina
  • April 21: Knoxville, Tennessee
  • April 28-29: Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama
  • May 4-7: Jackson, Mississippi
  • May 22: Detroit, Michigan

Needs from the OC

  • Information on when the outreach cards will be completed
  • Agenda for the upcoming OC meeting
Report from Jardyn Lake

International Solidarity Team

Personnel Team