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Program and Culture Working Group

Monday, December 14, 2009

Faciliator: Jerome
Notetaker: Oya


Consulta/survey – tracks/themes subgroup update / communication with OC & NPC on

The consulta had a response of over 400 people participating in the consulta last week. They teamed up with Outreach and ended the consulta with over 800 participants.

The website tomorrow morning will thank people for participating in the consulta and the influence it will have in shaping the tracks for the workshops. Alicia, Raquel, and Rishi will work finalize edits to the document and send it to the NPC.

consensus for online forms

they want to take their forms to the NPC for final approval. They are waiting for the tracks from the consulta and their forms can go up.

Chose not to add section on the form on what level of information (beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced). People don’t know how to categorize themselves. It is not a conference. We are already asking for a large amount of info . The level should be included in the description of the workshop.

Find the language concerning the guidelines about including products/workbooks/toolkits/etc. The workshops should not focus on selling products or services.

Walda, Jerome, and Oya present the language of the Workshop Submission forms to the NPC.

Program subgroup / online form(s) update: 2 hr / 4 hr forms / others (PMA, open space)

general call – approve for going to NPC (a

The tags were indentified by Kiran, Walda, and Kimberlee to help us in categorizing the workshops. Trying to decide what is public and what is private. The workshop proposals will go oup on the site like a blog and others will be able to view it. It will make it easier for people to collaborate and for reviewers. People can leave comments to help the facilitators shape the proposals or collaborate with others.

The ICT should be able to set up the tags with no problem. They are moving away from links and chosing hover text instead. If you hover over it the hover text will show the tags.

Having tags will help people having a fuller understanding of the topics. It makes it accessible by allowing people to categorize themselves.

Culture subgroup / online form(s), venues, other update

Online submission forms.
Carlton and Ebony Golden are working on incorporating culture into the plenaries
Soh Suzuki, the AMC, the BeeHive Collective, mural project
Scholarship adding artists
Met with IC and lawyers on how to get international artists involved
Working with Michael Guerro Leon to do a presentation to the NPC about the USSF Library
Somnath, did the film festival in 07 agreed to work with us.

Registration team update

Walda, Jerome, Kiran, and Oya. There is an emphasis on the need for a hard line life lien so that we can move forward in the submission process. The goal is to put the workshop forms online before registration goes up. Program will bring it to the NPC for approval. At the next NPC meeting we need to push for a set date for the submissions. Propose no later than the NPC meeting in January. Scholarships were a part of the conversation, but it will not delay the submission process.

PMA update

Call is this week. Identifying fronts and voices of struggle is up on the wiki. There will be a mini PMA at the NPC meeting in NM.

DLOC & Detroit Expanded update

PMA in Detroit in February. Hard date not set yet. The PMA will incorporate culture. kiran will work on setting up a joint working group call with the PMA folks.

Detroit Expanded

Background At the 2003 World Social Forum in Brazil it was announced that the United States Social Forum was going to be in Detroit, Michigan. The world was excited about coming to Detroit. It is recognized as a city that has been impacted by powerful movements (labor rights/union, civil rights, Black Liberation Movement, etc…). Technology was used as a way to make the WSF accessible to people could not go to Brazil. Activists accessed workshops/PMAs/plenaries through video conferencing. The goal is to make that happen at the USSF 2010. We want to bring Detroit to the world. We want to show the amazing things that are happening in the city beyond Cobo Hall. There will be world class concerts at Hart Plaza, major activities at the Urban Tent Village in the heart of Detroit, urban gardens, bike hubs, etc... We would like to make video conferencing/streaming accessible to groups and individuals, with emphasis on groups and community centers (schools, local libraries, community centers, churches, mosques, etc). Please feel free to contact Oya or Mallory for more information.

Beyond Cobo Hall and Hart Plaza Detroit Expanded can also include events that will be held in conjunction with the USSF that will occur outside of the workshops/plenaries/PMAs/Cultural Expressions at Cobo Hall. The activities include cultural/historical/political/green tours of Detroit. The Culture Committee proposes that artists perform at cultural venues throughout Detroit after events close at Hart Plaza.

Contact Sara Kershner, Jackie and Ora (Hip Hop Slingshot) to help connect with activist in Palestine. DLOC will host the Coretta Scott King play by Pearl Cleage as a fundraiser at the Detroit Repertory Theatre

Plan & timeline for work team on printed program update for NPC call in December & face-to-face in January 2010 (P&C WG, ICT, Logistics, Language Access, DLOC, staff, other) After the online forms go up to form these teams. The program design will have a subgroup. 5 day overarching program design and integration team. Chose reps from program and culture to do work on these teams.

Next calls

Program subgroup:

Monday, December 21, 2009 @ 9pm ET/ 8pm CT/ 6pm PT
Call-in number: 712.432.9998
Access: 841125 #

Culture subgroup:

Monday, December 21, 2009 @ 6pm ET/ 5pm CT/ 3pm PT
Call-in number: 712.432.9998
Access: 841125 #

Program & Culture WG:

Monday, December 28, 2009 @ 9pm ET/ 8pm CT/ 6pm PT
Call-in number: 712.432.9998
Access: 841125 #
Next call, reminder/agenda person: Walda
Note taker: Kiran
Facilitator : Daryl Moch

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