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  • 4th push for grassroots fundraising and registration!
  • 7-June-2010

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Working group representatives: prior to the 6/7/10 conference call, please submit your written report below. This information will be used to help draft the agenda and will allow other working groups to be prepared with feedback.

Each report should include the following:

  • Summary of working group projects, activities, and/or organizing work.
  • If applicable, summary of working group (sub)committee projects, activities and/or organizing efforts.
  • Upcoming deadlines or milestones.
  • List of feedback, direction, and support needed from the OC and/or specific working groups.
  • Name of representative(s) who submitted the report.

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Gender Justice

  • Continue weekly meetings to finalize GJWG program activities at the USSF*
  • Subgroup working on selections for a limited number of gjwg scholarships to the USSF*
  • Filling slots of volunteers to person the GJWG tent*
  • Subgroup work to finalize planning of the GJWG PMA*
  • Fundraising efforts continue*
  • Determining what other work needs to be done leading up to the forum and during*



Language Access



People's Movement Assembly


Program & Culture Working Group



Resource Mobilization


International Solidarity Team

Personnel Team