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NPC Conference Call

3pm EST/2pm CST/1 pm MST/12pm PST (1.5 hrs)

Call in number 712.432.0075 Code 388105
NPC agenda
  • Consulta survey forwarding and goals
  • Next NPC meeting location
  • Recommendation on fiscal sponsorship
  • Registration conf call Wed, 11/18 6pm EST
  • Logistics WG first conf call
  • Update from Development Coordinator - needs for grassroots fundraising, pledge forms
  • Next steps for C-team and OC
  • Staff accountability document
  • Anything else?

The September NPC conf call notes are on the wiki at 9-16-09 NPC Conf Call Notes

Attendance roll call--west coast to east coast
Sylvia, MWRO, Portland Or;
Michael, GGJ, LA;
Louis, SWOP, ABQ;
George M, UFPJ, Santa Fe;
Adrienne, Ruckus;
Genaro, SWU;
Cheri, PPEHRC;
Flo, IJAN;
Dianna, EMEAC;
William, Staff/Local USSF, Detroit;
Steph, Project South, ATL;
Jerome, LRNA, ATL;
Walda, DC;
Rishi, Leftist Lounge;
Sara, IJAN;
Alicia, POWER, San Francisco;
Ahmina, EMEAC;
Emily, US SEN, MA;
George F, IPPN;
Celia, Ruckus;
Darryl, AFS;
Kaajal, Praxis
Consulta Update
-- Rishi...It went out. About to send to NPC physical version with spanish and english which is downloadable also. Outreach can talk more about who it should be sent out to. Deadline was pushed back to make sure are in alignment with online workshop proposal process. December 14 new deadline. Soon will schedule call to figure out how to review responses early on so as not to get overwhelmed.
--Sylvia...Goal-5000 orgs responding to survey?
--Rishi...Thinks this is a question for outreach.
--Need NPCers to forward out consulta. Orgs that can identity goal of how many they are sending out to, let outreach know.
--Ahmina...Last call talked about outreach goals=5000 national ??
NPC January face to face meeting
--January...Thursday 7 OC and Friday 8- Sunday 10 NPC
--Denver, ABQ or New Orleans are the options.
--Denver not able now, maybe future.
--Abq and New Orleans both interested. Need a determination today.
--Need to make political/logistics decision on what is best option. NPC organizations in these cities have been sent info from Cindy on logistical needs and requirements.
--In both locations will invite guests with goal of having local outreach meeting after NPC

Outreach recommendation to hold in Abq in order to be inclusive of Indigenous involvement. Adrienne suggests to move to accept that recommendation.

--Louis...Abq thinks logistically will be simple to pull off. SWOP has already identified partner org. This would be a good chance for orgs in the region to target people/orgs in. Would envision another event to create oppurtunity to get new folks more involved.
--Cheri...Abq makes sense but at some point important to have a mtg in the Gulf/Delta. Haven't been a lot of survivors from the Gulf involved.
--Michael...Agree. Earlier was discussion about SE social forum. Perhaps that would be good opp for folks in that region
--George Friday...Underscore it feels New Orleans would be the best place to go for this NPC meeting
--Sara...feels like good place to do it in either the southwest or new orleans. feels like it would be good to make sure both happen before the ussf happens. question of where we're in the best position to do outreach. we'd want it to be meaningful rather than it just being about the location. both are important and making them meaningful is important as well
--Sylvia...For future OC/NPC mtgs need to be very intentional about the outreach we do.
--Genaro...agree with the importance of both areas. if and when we're doing outreach to different folks, we need to create a space where people can do something. like a mini movement assembly where we can bring people in and they're going through some sort of process beyond the npc meeting. if we are bringing in 20-30 different organizations that haven't been a part of the organizing process, needs to do something meaningful.
--Ahmina...From outreach- Talked about this on last call. haven't decided but want future NPC mtgs to integrate outreach. Need to identity those goals. Abq is desirable because it fits in with outreach goals to Indigenous communities. one from new orleans on the call. folks in new orleans are on board with doing pma process in conjunction with npc meeting, or a regional forum because there is a lot of excitement about that coming from folks there
--Sylvia...seems we have a consensus. Any objections to Abq for january?
--Sylvia...Next steps: get folks together to create agenda. Adrienne will lead up this effort. Please include these ideas around outreach/PMAs.
--Louis...we need to figure out how much time we have to pull it off. suggest that we do it during the weekend to make sure people can participate. could happen during the evening, or we could cut into some of the time that we are doing business in order to make it happen. would fit well with what's already being discussed around outreach.
--Sylvia...PMA has just finished a toolkit, yes? Steph...yes. We could use this opp for training groups for DIY PMAs.


Fiscal Sponsorship
--Steph...Great process since Oct NPC mtg. Finance Committee came together to figure out how to move forward on financial questions. Had hit so many barriers with Tides Center so proposed to Praxis Project (NPC member since 2007) that they be fiscal sponsor, which they agreed to. Good cause it will keeps things local. Still have things that need to be tightened. Moving toward transfer from Project South to Praxis Project which is larger and will be able to take in larger money transactions. All will be transfered by 12/31/09.
--Jerome...Great and wonderful idea/development!
--Sylvia...Thanks for the work on this, especially Steph and Project South for holding it down so long. This transition will also allow them to get back to doing more organizing! thanks everyone!
Any announcements around resource mobilization or funding?
--Michael...good foundation news: new world fndn 20K, akonadi 15K, ben and jerry's in addition to 100K for this year another 100K for next year. thanks to all who sent in pledge forms, commitments look great. everything so far that people have offered looks really good. we'll be crunching all of you to turn in your forms in the next week as well
--george f...question about pledge form process? i wondered when i sent it in if it would be helpful to think about a timeline for their work. not a required piece but a suggestion for how you'll raise all this money. a timeline might help, it may be a tool for people.
--michael...absolutely. do you want us to add that in to our form?
--george f...not a requirement, but a suggestion. if you timeline all the commitments, it might make sense
--genaro...good idea, we could add it in there. thank you for the folks who have sent it in, but we still have a lot of people who have not sent it in. we are really encouraging people to get that in. there a deadline for our pledge forms?
--genaro...deadline has passed...but continue to do so asap
Registration Conference Call tonight
--11/18 8pm EST, 712 432 0075, code 388105
--Adrienne...Registration convo has been happening on different levels. Call tonight is to get everyone together to put all the pieces together. ICT will update on form and talk about the best way to facilitate communication between different components of the work. tried to do focused outreach to all the wg's that have a role to play in this. if anyone else is interested, tonight 8pm EST to join in the support for the work that needs to be done for the registration process.
--sylvia...registration is the way we bring in resources to help keep this work going. if anyone feels they have critical information to help move this process forward, please feel free to join on.
--rishi...culture will be on the call too, and there's a separate process for submitting culture stuff. oya will be the rep.
--adrienne...yes, oya will be on the call.
--sylvia...still trying to plan first logistics working group conference call. maureen and ? will also be part of this call. lots of stuff happening in detroit. they are just inundated with stuff. lots of the work they are doing there is stuff we can take up on a national level that detroit doesn't need to be dealing with. we need folks to step up to get some of this work done.
--jerome...i am fine to be the program and culture committee liaison for logistics, so please put my name down for that.
--sylvia...thank you. seems like liaison model is working well, so if others are interested in doing that, please do.
Update from development coordinator about grassroots fundraising and donor appeals?
--not sure if sha is on the call, michael can you help?
--michael...yes. folks have talked about registration. committee coming together to start moving on the online summaries, there's some stuff needing to be worked out on communications side in terms of messaging. he's also working with folks on the resources working group on major donor strategy, and then the pledge sheets. this is the main work over the next few weeks is pulling all of this together. trying to build the foundation and infrastructure to getting grassroots stuff going.
--challenges...materials--tshirts, cups whatever we want to produce for materials sales, we need to figure out what to produce and also the sales management. talked to local folks in detroit about having capacity to do that, folks have said its going to be a lot in terms of capacity to pull that off. he's looking for folks across the country for leads as to who can help with that. please pass on names and we'll get them to sha. by the end of the year, we should be up and moving.
--sylvia...we got the finalization of the posters and logo done thru design action collective. big order at the printer now. one determination we need to make is where to send the stuff. some materials will go to detroit, we know there are key places around the country where we need to get materials out to. after this, if you believe you need materials, send me a note afterwards. goal is to see if we can get materials out to albequerque to do outreach. send me an email afterward and we can see how to get mateirals out to you for cards, stickers and posters.
C-Team/Organizing Committee
--sylvia...George repping NPC, Marian repping anchors. Adrienne and Sylvia as staff. after this meeting we'll see about establishing a meeting time and date after thanksgiving for c-team and oc. will send out a survey, look out for it.
Staff accountability document
--Diana...we had that prepared for the first npc meeting, we just received two pieces of feedback from the committee members. we want to incorporate that feedback and then send it out again.
--sylvia...three staff persons on as contractors through project south beginning nov 1: adrienne, sha, and sylvia. starting november 15 is mallory and tdka as tech coordinators
--stephanie...alfredo and ICT will work to help get ICT position moving. 6 candidates will be interviewed by Tammy, Will and Steph for the one field organizer. decided we don't have budget now for 2nd hire.
--alfredo...we are establishing the tech coordinator split as of now, and we will continue that split up until the event itself (national/local) we've decided to make the split as of now, so they'll be splitting a half salary. they start on the 15th, although steph needs some documentation from me. tdka in detroit had extensive meetings with mark l. from the working group and has started doing stuff and figuring out his own work plan locally.
--genaro...half time salary split or full time salary split?
--alfredo...half time split
Other ICT info wire frame has gone out, receiving comments on it now. some comments on it that contradicted other comments, and there were some disagreements as to what should happen with the wireframe. we sent the comments in entirety to design action collective. they were asked to try and incorporated as much as they could to tell us what was contradictory. we're still on the december 15th deadline, to be able to collect registrations. plan to be up in beta form (preliminary form) by dec 15th. we need to do more tech recruiting from the npc?
--alfredo...we can always use people. come to the meeting on thurs nights. i'll send notice to npc list for the meeting. we have one tomorrow night. there are some work groups that are already represented there. the work group itself has about 17 people, usually had about 12 people. we have people working but you can always use more people working on these projects. come to the meetings and that's where we assign all the work.
--sylvia...that's all we got on the agenda. thanks for being on the call. looking forward!