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NPC Conference Call
Call in number 712.432.0075, Participant Access Code 388105, Host access code 564471
Facilitator--George; Note taker--Etherpad volunteers
  • Check in and roll call
  • Additional items to agenda?
  • Separate NPC business & new applications conference calls
-- Coordination Team recommendation
-- Applications status and viewing
  • New structure transition plan
-- Coordination Team (C-Team)
-- Organizing Committee (OC)
-- Communication, nomination and selection timeline
-- Voting mechanism
  • Staff update; Personnel/Hiring Committee update
  • Tides and budget update
  • IC & Quebec SF delegation
  • NPC & OC October face-to-face meetings
-- October 23-25
-- OC meets one day earlier
-- C-Team location recommendation
-- Need a facilitation team for meeting
-- NPC recommendation on voting status of staff on OC
  • NPC meeting schedule
-- Clarification on NPC conference calls
  • Working Groups & Committees report backs, next meetings and any feedback needed from NPC
-- Communications/Media
-- ICT/Technology
-- Language Access
-- Logistics
-- Outreach
-- Peoples Movement Assembly
-- Program and Culture
-- Resource Mobilization
-- Documentation and Evaluation
-- Indigenous
-- International Solidarity
-- Women's
-- Youth

Notes from the June NPC conference call, the NPC face-to-face July meeting, and the Coordination Team conference calls are available on the USSF Planning Wiki at: (Note: The July NPC notes on the wiki still need to be organized & cleaned up...any volunteers?)

Roll call

Sylvia Orduño, MWRO; Maria Poblet, SPHC; Adrienne Maree Brown, Ruckus; Tammy Bang Luu, LCSC/BRU; Michael Guerrero, GGJ; Louis Head, SWOP; Genaro Lopez-Rendon, SWU; Juan, SWU; Bill Bryce, JWJ; Maureen Taylor, MWRO/USSF; Reg McGhee, SE Mich JwJ; Rocio Valerio, EMEAC; Fran Tobin, National JWJ; Steph, Project South; Cindy Wiesner, GGJ; George Friday, IPPN; Rishi, leftist lounge; Walda, LRNA; Jacqui Patterson, Women of Color United/Women's Working Group; Jen Cox, PPEHRC; Alfredo Lopez, MayFirst/People Link.
  • Items to add to agenda? Nope
  • Separate NPC business & new applications conference calls
-- Recommendation from the Coordination Team--Sylvia, We didn't get a chance to talk about the NPC applications in Detroit. There are 7-10 applications, and we need to make sure we have a call with the applicants, and set up a voting mechanisms. We're proposing a separate call to discuss the applications for the NPC.
Genaro--If there's organizations that were a part of the process before, do they need to reapply?
Cindy--If orgs were on leave, the interim coordination team checked in and decided it didn't make sense for those orgs to reapply. If there's new reps, we should get that info cause we are updating the listserves. With the SWOP example, we had Monica, and now Louis is the contact. Only NEW applicants...right now whoever requests an application, I send it to them and do one on one conversations. When the new OC is set up that should be transferred over to someone on that team. For now send to me, but that will get transitioned. We have a number of applicants to go through - would have been ideal to go through face to face. We have always been intentional about bringing base building, working class organizations to the NPC. We decided we want to expand and broaden the NPC. What we're doing is putting all the applications (without the personal contact information) up on the wiki. We will ask that folks read them. We'll also put the NPC job description, roles and responsibilities. Then set a time next week to have the conversation - an hour. Either next Monday 2pm EST, or Wednesday at 3pm EST. We'll have the applicants on for the 1st half hour, then they'll get off and NPC can have a discussion, and then have an online voting process (over 3 days), then let folks know the results via email. We're asking for a special time because it's a lot of applicants, and there are some questions around the kinds of groups that are applying that mean we should have a political discussion.
Maureen--Is there now a deadline by which applicants who want to be members should complete an application?
Cindy--It's a rolling process. For this time, let me know by Friday about new applications. From now on, it will be a week before each NPC call.
Genaro--Who are the current applicants?
Cindy--US-Palestinian Community Network, United for Peace and Justice, Mayfirst Technology/People Link, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, League of Revolutionaries for a New America, Pushback Network. Freedom Road Socialist Organizatio is on hold. FUREE - they requested an application but haven't heard back.
Steph--What about Kentucky Social there a seat for them, and other social forums? What is that process?
Cindy--Is it the whole forum or groups that are hosting the forum? Thoughts?
Michael--There is knowledge from those processes that could inform our process, but it's a question of whether we bring on the whole planning committees as a body on the NPC.
Maureen--This is a big question we haven't thought through, so we need to put this for the next call and have some time to think it through.
Cindy--We'll send out a link for applications review.
AMB--I would vote for giving us a full week from now, next Wednesday; Genaro--Resource committee has a call the same time.
AMB--Suggesting 1pm EST August 26 for NPC Applications Conf Call
Cindy--Again this will be applicants on for 1st half hour, then discussion 2nd half hour.
  • New structure transition plan
-- Sylvia, At last meeting we discussed shifting from C-Team to Organizing Committee structure, but we didn't have a plan in place. The idea is to have representation, making sure the work is happening in the working groups, that DLOC and others are on there. So the structure would be 2 reps per working group. The Coordination team would be one national rep, the DLOC rep, and the national coordinator/staffperson. Still need clarification on the next NPC meeting, but the C-Team would help with that. Michael is also working on a revision of the diagram, so we have a visual on this. Then we can share that with folks. Also trying to develop a communication email for the NPC and DLOC members and get this idea on their radar, decide who the reps will be (not chairs! just reps!). The reps should not be staff (current or future). We're also looking at a timeline, asking all of the working groups and committees to meet by the end of August, and having reps selected by September 15.
George--recap: Michael's working on a visual, working group process to choose reps by September 15 - communication email will be coming shortly.
Sylvia--exactly - just want to inform on the decisions we've made and that we're ready to move this forward, as the organizing committee is supposed to meet before the next NPC meeting.
-- George--voting mechanism?
Sylvia--The C-team is working with the ICT WG to develop a voting mechanism tool for the NPC applicants that we think we can also use for this process. In terms of the reps, I am imagining the working groups will figure that out, depending on how each group operates.
-- Michael will get new version of structure out in next day or two. Needs one more review by C-team.
-- What are we prioritizing in terms of the make-up of the NPC. We developed some points for the last USSF "We Believe" doc that can give us some guidance on NPC recruitment. So we base our decisions based on our political commitment. Sylvia, Adrienne and Tammy will work an analysis or guidelines for NPC in preparation for next week's call on NPC applications.
  • Staff update; Personnel/Hiring Committee update
-- Stephanie, had group meeting this week to make some final decisions. Kamau, Stephanie, Diana, Elena Herrada are members of this committee. All WGs with staffing attached to them will develop job descriptions. Please send job descriptions to Stephanie for uniformity review. Resources, Comms/Media, ICT, Logistics, Detroit Coordinators (done), Field Organizers (Outreach and PMA), need National Coordinator (C-team). WGs need to make recommendations for the hires by Sept. 4. Personnel Committee will make final call, hopefully by September 15 - probably more likely Oct. 1.
-- September 15 is target date to have everything in place including staffing, NPC, Organizing Comm
Reg--Communications Coordinator job description is on the wiki. What is process for posting? We said postings would go wide.
Steph--There's no restriction for posting. Job descriptions and process to apply will also go on the website.
  • Tides and budget update
-- Tides app is in. Once accepted need to transfer $ and accounting systems. Hopefully this will also be in place by Oct. 1.
-- Genaro--Indigenous Outreach? Steph--Listed as a contract position. Can contact Tom Goldtooth about the process.
-- Genaro--had meeting recently in Albuquerque. Young people got very excited about USSF process. Recommendation to have youth coordinator.
Cindy--We don't have anyone who has stepped up to chair the youth WG.
Maureen--There has been movement towards a youth committee. Over next 1-3 weeks may be some recommendations for leadership in youth WG. Rocio is also working with young people in Detroit for them to be active in organizing process.
Steph--this Saturday a lot of youth coming to Atlanta to do a youth summit. Will be from Albuquerque, Texas, Kentucky and other places
Juan--school starts next week. Will make it difficult for youth coordination.
Genaro--will take some resources. Need to decide whether it will be part-time, full-time. Need someone who can pull the process together.
-- Sidenote--Regional representation? What is difference between the South and the Delta (Mississippi, Gulf area)
-- Resources WG will also have to get involved. We agreed to cap the budget at the last NPC meeting.
Rocio--Also need to be careful about the expansion of staff. We talked about the emphasis of the working groups taking up the work.
-- Jen--don't think we can make a decision about a youth coordinator right now. Need to think about all of the groups that we are trying to get there and the barriers they have to organizing.
-- Steph--we should incorporate a focus on specific sectors in the outreach/organizer positions, particularly youth. tammy and steph should connect to go over job description
-- We passed policy not to go into the red by the end of 2009. We wanted feedback from working groups on their budget areas. Only group that has sent feedback has been Program/Culture. Resources WG sent out a template for folks to send out so we can make concrete budget. Need those forms back ASAP. There is also money in youth budget that may be shifted for coordinator.
  • IC and Quebec Social Forum Delegation
-- IC meeting is October 6-8, 2009, Quebec SF is Oct. 9-12.
-- International Solidarity Committee recommended that NPC send a delegation to Quebec - 10 people. Criteria--Must be active in organizing. One for ICT, one staff, 3 from Int Sol., thought it was important for tech rep to see how tech is set up at QSF. Might also be good for Comms/Media rep to go.
-- Jen--another goal is to coordinate with IC on global day focused on economic crises during USSF.
-- Sylvia--goal should also be networking and meeting with people around the world about the economic crisis and figure out how we link up these issues. Also how we strategize on these larger issues in Detroit. We should be clear on what the task is in making the recommendation for the delegates
-- Cindy--deadline for decision on delegates: August 28th. The Intl committee will send a proposal out to the NPC with a budget for the trip.
  • NPC & OC October face-to-face meetings
-- Maureen--Anchors met yesterday: three places considered for the next face-to-face meeting are Denver, Atlanta and New Orleans. Welfare Rights has strong presence in New Orleans and can help coordinate the NPC mtg.
-- Michael and Steph will check in with Angela about New Orleans; Atlanta/Project South can be a back up.
-- Tammy will follow up with Ricardo Martinez from Padres Unidos on helping coordinate the NPC meeting.
-- Deadline for the location for the meeting on October 23rd: will announce at the next NPC call on August 26th
  • NPC meeting schedule
-- Recommendation is to keep the monthly NPC calls until the Organizing Committee gets up and going.
-- NPC to focus on outreach with the larger grouping of orgs.
-- OC calls third Wednesdays at the same time. Clarification on the OC, Detroit participation? Two DLOC members with voting power and anchors will be on the OC. Was Oya and Bill Wylie-Kellerman as interim reps for the last meeting, with an intention to get DLOC to actually select?
-- At anchor meeting, recommendation that staff not vote on NPC related events since anchors are present and will be voting.
  • Working Groups & Committees report backs, next meetings and any feedback needed from NPC
-- Every working group should send their reports to Adrienne ( and she will post on the Wiki.
-- Also please send budget recommendations to Genaro and Michael.
-- Alfredo--Technological infrastructure needs to be online by September.
-- Maureen--Detroit secured 1,750 hotels rooms (most expensive room at Motor City Gambling). Cobo Hall is nailed down.
-- Walda-Program/Culture working groups is beginning to pin down workshop times. Will be in communication.
NEXT CALL -- August 26th, 1pm EST for NPC Expansion! then, September 16th noon pst; 3pm est

Working Group Update Notes