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Working group representatives: prior to the 2/8/10 conference call, please submit your written report below. This information will be used to help draft the agenda and will allow other working groups to be prepared with feedback.

Each report should include the following:

  • Summary of working group projects, activities, and/or organizing work.
  • If applicable, summary of working group (sub)committee projects, activities and/or organizing efforts.
  • Upcoming deadlines or milestones.
  • List of feedback, direction, and support needed from the OC and/or specific working groups.
  • Name of representative(s) who submitted the report.

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Gender Justice

Gender Justice Report

Work Done and in process:

  • Conference calls on a weekly basis continue
  • Key discussion around gender sensitive security and bathrooms have been major focal points of discussion
  • First GJWG regional meeting will likely occur in NYC in March in association with the UN Women's commission on gender justice and climate
  • Gender PMA scheduled for first week in March in Knoxville, TN.
  • Contact made with the poverty working group
  • Crafting budget

What we need:

  • Specifics on how to access funds for regional gatherings and other events given the recent finance report document on supporting working groups
  • Contact and regular communication with logistics given gender sensitive security and bathrooms issues

Question: When does the finance committee need budget requests from the working groups?



Language Access


We had a first national conference call on Sunday, 1/31/10 with the Detroit and Atlanta logistics coordinators, plus other national persons interested in this work. We have also developed a spreadsheet with the local and national contacts and team area breakdown. In addition, the Atlanta coordinators continue to share documents and forms drafted from USSF I.

In Albuquerque, we met with the DLOC logistics coordinators to develop a plan to implement logistics teams and identify local team coordinators. Upon returning to Detroit, the DLOC logistics committee met and reorganized its committee to ensure that the team work could be carried out efficiently and effectively. They continue to meet regularly.

So far, most national participants have the capacity mostly to share advice and strategies on logistical planning and dilemmas. A few have offered to research and coordinate particular aspects of the work. But ultimately, we will be led by the DLOC teams that have been formed around each of the 27 teams identified so far. They include:

Opening March & Action Coordination Children's Social Forum Registration Volunteers
Transportation Sites Signs & Banners Trash & Recycling & Sustainability
Hotel Liaisons Solidarity Housing Safety & Security Health & Healing Space
First Aid & Medical Safety Info Tables & Info Line Water Access Printed Program
Food Vendors / Market place Bicycle Storage & Bike Caravans Tents Supplies
International Ambassadors Site Managers & Training Merchandise Child Care
Detroit Expanded Post Office Box Monitors / Mail Handling Internal Security

We have decided that for each logistics conference call we will focus on two (or more) of the areas to discuss, plus invite other people to participate on the call. We will receive DLOC logistics committee updates and then discuss the work with national participants. This logistics group is chaired by Maureen with assistance from Sylvia. We are still working to identify another national co-chair. We expect to meet every 2-3 weeks.

The logistics national group needs to know how we should go about communicating with other working groups to plug in on these national calls and teams. We're excited to be finally off and running!

We will meet again on Sunday, Feb 14 at 5pm EST/2pm PST.
TOPIC--Transportation & Housing options to be posted on the website.


People's Movement Assembly

Calls happen every 1st and 3rd Thursday with roughly 10 people on every call.


- Fill in Timeline Chart & identify clear gaps - Connect to Outreach Working Group to assess possible sites/organizations interested in PMA process, help with materials, - Connect to Program, Culture, Youth, and Caravan working groups & teams

FEB-MARCH Organizing Drive

  • Southwest PMA Tour is in motion with 1 completed and 2 scheduled in February
  • Draft Letter of Invitation to groups and communities
  • Based on forces in motion & relationships: PMA Working Group members identify 10 organizations, groups, communities, and convergences happening in 2010 that we should send letter & Organizing Kit (with mailing addresses & phone numbers)
  • Send out kits
  • Follow up with phone calls and assess possibilities of PMA before, during and/or after Forum
  • Assess support needs & help orient groups to the process


  • Support Documentation Team to organize videographers, photographers, artists, writers, etc (James & Martina)
  • Establish team to move the Synthesis Commission forward & connect to the kind of documentation that is helpful
  • Work with NPC’s PMA notes & political conversation notes to synthesize and re-state (as practice for larger assemblies)
  • Prepare to evolve the Organizing Kit and produce accessible toolkit to pass out at the Forum (with reports, examples of agendas, resolutions, historical context, etc.)


  • Get timeline up on website with contact info (put it on the MAP!)
  • Create way to send in Resolutions & Reports so that people can see and connect
  • Connect with Caravans, Work Brigades, etc – Easy as ABCD - the USSF Organize Site (though Mallory Knoedel & Genaro Lopez Rendon)
  • Video up online – Feb 21


  • Prepare proposal for each day of Forum (to bring to Program Design team & Organizing Committee meeting in March)
  • Program Design team needs PMA representative – Fred Vitale (Detroit) & Dan Leahy (Portland) will be on the call - Feb 13
  • Work with Logistics WG to establish tent space


We are working with the PPEHRC committee that is coordinating the "March to Fulfill the Dream" from New Orleans to Detroit from April 4-June 20. Maureen is gathering more info and will share how the caravans from other places, especially with Southwest Workers Union, can be linked up along the way. The purpose of the march is to get attention on poverty, poor people's solutions, and get media attention.

In each location, a local organization will be identified to help people get information on joining the march. Persons joining will probably be asked to register to ensure security, safety, and resources. We will link up the participating churches with the DLOC Faith & Spirituality Committee.

We are developing a budget and fundraising plan to share with other low-income groups who want to go to the USSF. Included in this is assessing the basic needs of poor people at the USSF so that they can participate, e.g., housing, food, child care. We will also encourage individuals and organizations to register, at least, at the lowest rates.

We are also working more with the Gender Justice group, especially Rose Brewer, to keep communication open. We have talked about the idea of coordinating tent workshops around poverty and women and the international crisis.

Program & Culture Working Group


Program & Culture Working Group

P&C WG meets weekly: bi-weekly for full WG (Mondays @ 9pm ET) and as program and culture subgroups in alternate weeks. We continue to grow.

Program Subgroup Report:

Work done & in process:

  • Workshop tracks completed and part of online workshop submission forms.
  • Workshop submission forms launched along with registration January 28th (public deadline for submissions March 20).
  • Work continues on backend (developing workshop tags, automatic acknowledgement of online submissions, etc). Includes ongoing work with ICT WG.
  • Developing guidelines and process for reviewers (will monitor and do preliminary reviews as submissions come in, communicate with submitters as needed, communicate decisions to submitters beginning in late March, April & May).
  • Will be active on Program Design Team and on 1st call Feb. 13.

Big question:

Question of # of submissions we get and # of workshop spaces per time slot (total of 9 time slots for 2-hr workshops) is huge for how this plays out. (See NPC notes from Albuquerque for 5-day walk through).) Requires immediate conversations with Logistics.

What we need:

  • Looking for in-depth conversation soon with PMA about their programming and scheduling pieces.
  • Looking for regular communication with Logistics WG.
  • Looking to get Printed/Online Program Team in place (is Communications WG taking a lead?)
  • To all WGs & committees: get the word out to get your workshop submissions in! Deadline March 20th.



Bringing Detroit to the World
Proposal for Cultural Integration at the 2010 USSF

The USSF 2010 will showcase art, culture and entertainment in ways that convey momentum and hope. The USSF 2010 shares a vision that challenges poverty, exploitation, oppression, militarism/war and environmental destruction-- locally, nationally and globally. Cultural expressions representing diverse communities include: performance art, visual art, and film.

Cultural art is more than entertainment. Culture moves movement and gives a voice to our community. It is tool to educate, empower, heal, and inspire our communities. We propose that culture is integrated into all aspects of the United States Social Forum. Please review the projects below:

DEX/Detroit Expanded


At the 2003 World Social Forum in Brazil it was announced that the United States Social Forum was going to be in Detroit, Michigan. The world was excited about coming to Detroit. It is recognized as a city that has been impacted by powerful movements (labor rights/union, civil rights, Black Liberation Movement, etc…).

Technology was used as a way to make the WSF accessible to people could not go to Brazil. Activists accessed workshops/PMAs/plenaries through video conferencing. The goal is to make that happen at the USSF 2010. We want to bring Detroit to the world.


We also want to show the amazing things that are happening in the city beyond Cobo Hall. There will be world class concerts at Hart Plaza, a cultural/social justice tour of Detroit, major activities at the Urban Tent Village in the heart of Detroit, urban gardens, bike hubs, etc...

Global Outreach

We would like to make video conferencing/streaming accessible to groups and individuals, with emphasis on groups and community centers (coffee houses, local libraries, community centers, churches, mosques, etc). We are connecting to organizations/grassroots organizations around the United States and other countries to set up DEX hubs.

DEX hubs will be set up in Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Mexico, Liberia, and many places throughout the United States and world.

Developing Youth Leadership and Digital Justice

Youth and media justice activists will be the videographers. The young people will also do interviews with cultural activists and at the cultural/social justice sites to highlight the best of Detroit.

We will be working very closely with the ICT, Youth, and Communications Working Groups to bring our vision into reality. After the USSF

The cameras will be donated to groups involved with youth media and social justice in Detroit.

The USSF Children’s Art Village

The United States Social Forum also has a Children’s Social Forum. We propose that part of the Children’s Social Forum be held at Hart Plaza in the Children’s Art Village. Art will be used to teach the children. An example, EMEAC and the Matrix Theater will team up to teach the children how to make puppets about endangered species and the underground rivers that exist in Detroit. Sharing Forum Theater to give young people tools for conflict resolution, etc.

Large-Scale Story Circles during Plenaries

Story circles activate the communal knowledge of the collective. We propose that through large scale story circles, plenary participants have more space to share their ideas about pressing topics affecting Detroit, local communities and the world. Participants will have the opportunity to come out with one item that is a common struggle, item that unifies the group in about the future, or that informs the future. The goal is to move the plenaries beyond "lectures" to action-based spaces promoting individual and community transformation.

Multi-media for Social Change

Media tools and sources can integrate people within and beyond the USSF community. In order to reach, diverse learners, and Detroit community members who may choose not to attend USSF, let's activate open dialogue and exchange across multiple-mediums. Participants should be able to "tweet" responses to hot topics during plenaries, workshops and beyond creating virtual, real-time graffiti wall that everyone has access to on their mobile device, computer, etc. It would be awesome to have large screens set up in major meeting areas and plenary settings where the "tweets", Facebook updates, etc can be viewed by the large audience collectively. For those who don't have mobile devices, there should be several stations, similar to the way mics are set-up for people to "tweet" through a communal Twitter or Facebook account.

We also propose, the use of film clips, music, real-time responses, video conferencing, Skype conferencing, streaming to groups and community centers (schools, local libraries, community centers, churches, mosques, etc) to create and generate dialogue across the airwaves.


We propose that speakers expand presentations beyond talking/lectures into integrated, participant-centered, action-based open dialogues. Each speaker should find one or more ways to highlight the communal knowledge in the room.


Instead of having four panelists, why not have pre-recorded responses from USSF participants to also inform the conversation. We propose to have video booths and vlogs set up in different areas where participants can record responses and have them aired during the plenary sessions). Let's write the company that produces flip cams and see if we can get half off the cameras. Underground radio, public/community radio, and block parties featuring progressive arts/artists are also channels that can be implemented to reach a broader audience.

We are also proposing a Social Justice Poster Contest (age categories for larger participation). Young people will be asked to share their vision of social justice. Contestants will be required to share how they participate in community building. The winning posters will be featured on the USSF website, at the Leftist Lounge cultural event, and displayed at the USSF 2010 Art Gallery at Hart Plaza.

Opening March

The march will feature cultural arts collectives who work for social justice. The Hot Eight Band featuring over 400 marching bands will participate as well as processions of puppets/art representing endangered species and the environment. Women in Black will also share their political puppets in the march. We are also reaching out to traditional stilt walkers from African culture, Indigenous artists from the Native community, and more. Historical social justice songs/music/chants will also be incorporated into the opening march.

Opening Ceremony

There will be an Indigenous opening from elders in the Native Community. Build the logo- everyone gets a piece of the puzzle to add to building the 2010 USSF logo or a structure that has specific significance to Detroit. Artists will perform representing the diversity that USSF is committed to represent.

Cultural/historical/political/green tours of Detroit.

USSF participants will engage in cultural tours of venues that (galleries, clubs, and artists’ hubs that participate or support social justice/community building throughout Detroit. Artists will also have the opportunity to perform at these outlets after the USSF activities at Hart Plaza and Cobo Hall end.

Mural Projects

Muralists in the Culture committee is partnering with the Allied Media Conference, the BeeHive Collective, other art collectives, and the Detroit community to create murals throughout Detroit at centers for social justices. The focus will be centered on grassroots organizations, community gardens, and blighted areas in the city. Part of the design will be set up at the Allied Media Conference, continued through the work brigades, and completed at Hart Plaza at the United States Social Forum.

Another World is Possible Progressive Film Festival

The United States Social Forum 2010 Progressive Film Festival showcases diverse intergenerational independent films and videos to shape and influence the public conversation in ways that convey momentum and hope. The films and videos represent a vision that inspires, empowers, and challenges poverty, exploitation, oppression, militarism/war and environmental destruction-- locally, nationally and worldwide.

Partying for the People

MWRO will host a party four nights of the social forum. The tickets will be $1.00 for USSF participants and $5.00 for non USSF members. All proceeds will go to USSF ‘dollars’ which will be given to the homeless, poor, and participants with limited funding to buy food, etc from the vendors at Hart Plaza.

Leftist Lounge

Leftist Lounge will be the sole major cultural event of the Social Forum endorsed by the Culture Subgroup of the Program/Culture Working Group on the night of Friday, June 25th. We have decided to endorse the event for several reasons. Leftist Lounge came to Detroit in March of 2009 to meet local activists and cultural workers, with the intent to build strong local relationships to help plan towards the USSF2010 and to develop Leftist Lounge into an ongoing presence in Detroit with completely local leadership and participation. In the time since then, they have visited Detroit four times, co-hosted and planned a party to build a major local political institution (the Allied Media Conference), and have recruited four cultural activists onto their national planning team. Leftist Lounge is committed to using their event at the Social Forum to raise funds for the Forum itself.

Cultural Arts for Human Rights

There will be a canopy/booth/space focusing on Haiti and how the community can help. Haitian arts, music, dance, and traditions will be honored. We will partner with the Haitian community in Detroit.

Learning Exchanges for NPC (National Planning Committee) and DLOC (Detroit Local Organizing Committee)

We recognize that there are diverse schools of thought when it comes to social activism. We believe it is important to take time to learn the pedagogy of working and creating dialogue to show how cultural artists/activists are doing the work of creating open dialogue through arts activism. We propose that Cultural Working Group work closely with NPC and DLOC in future months to exchange skills and dialogue more about how cultural arts can be infused into the culture of the 2010 USSF.


2010 United States Social Forum

:Artists For Another World :Project::Multimedia Compilation

Metro Detroit-based arts activism group, Change::The Music proposes a plan to curate and produce a multimedia compilation of music, spoken word, visual art, photography, and video art works created by socially conscious artists. This project, tentatively titled Artists for Another World, will function as a tool to promote and raise funds for the 2010 US Social Forum (USSF). Change::The Music members will select pieces with content that represents a cross-section of issues pertinent to the USSF, and give voice to host Detroit’s own talent as well as artists throughout the U.S. and those international roots.

Resource Mobilization


Youth Working Group

Meets every other Monday at 9pm EST 2 national calls with 15 people and then double the next call

  • Communicating with folks via email, compiling contacts
  • put out job description for Youth Coordinator
  • Working on Youth Outreach Packet
  • “Youth Road to Detroit” facebook. Use this page more often. Learning more different actions we made at our local community.
  • Veronica-> Communication and Media Working Group. Working on the websites, three-testimony desire to expand it. And needs some quotes that student feel about the USSF you can email veronica at.

• Need student to be in the strong communication group to represent

Contact - Corina at

Outreach Packets

How you get this packet? Is there a responsibility to this packet.?
A Key organization. Will do network and research on the trip. Who have been involve, and did many changes. Who ever has the packet can host the meeting to share with other organization around there area. Regional and locally.
Outreach committee in the USSF - Outreach to other groups, and registration is starting this week. Hope people will start to registration - Engage people into the USSF. Calendar soon on the website


Fundraiser, media, we create a sponsor packet, to give the sponsors packet to anyone, business, organization Family. “You ten dollar will get us this closer to Detroit USSF.” Raise money for the Youth Working groups. Donors letter-> AIWA donor letters. They design their personal letter, for a youth packet.
Ensure, snack, sound equipment, and water is needed.

Other work

Rosa CFJ- youth caravan? youth housing? Still being worked out, youth will be playing a huge role in USSF. There own bus or etc. PECA on the ground work for housing for youth.
Southwest- Workshop and youth activities in Detroit, is not through Youth Working group but we can suggest them in Detroit. Able to register for USSF and sign up for workshops .Night light activities, and be in the community.-> culture working group. If want to participate.

Working group report.

  • Veronica-> Communication and Media group. Working on the websites, three-testimony desire to expand it. And needs some quotes that student feel about the USSF you can email veronica at.
  • Need student to be in the strong communication group to represent.

International Solidarity Team

International invitations

Letter of Invitation to attend and participate in the USSF international friends, key networks, movements, etc is on its way.



IST is still working on proposals for this. We are in discussion with Program/Culture WG and program design committee also.

Link to global WSF process

Below are four questions from the International Council of the [[WSF] in which they are asking all Social Forums happening this year to answer and bring to the next WSF in Dakar, Senegal in January 2011. So, we as the USSF/NPC need to figure out how to answer these questions:

· What is the analysis of the current situation?

· What is the analysis of the state of social movements, what is the state of resistance?

· What are the alternative projects?

· What are the strategies of the process of the WSF?


There is a proposal for a North American Social Forum, which was presented to USSF reps by movements from Canada, Quebec and Mexico, during the IC meeting in Quebec last fall.

IST is in touch about these folks about joining us at next NPC meeting and/or sending proposal to the NPC for consideration

Personnel Team