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Alicia Garza. POWER, San Francisco
kiran nigam. NASCO, Berkeley, CA
Oya Amakisi. DLOC, Detroit
Leslie, Green Guerillas Youth Media Collective, Ithica, NY
Walda Katz-Fishman. League of Revolutionaries for a New America, DC
Jerome Scott. League of Revolutionaries for a New America, Atlanta
Rishi Awatramani, Leftist Lounge, DC
Monica. Highlander, Tennessee
Rose Brewer. Afro Eco, Minneapolis
Jim. Minneapolis
Adrienne Marie Brown. USSF Staff, Detroit
Darryl Moch, Labor Arts Exchange
Joe Zefran. activist


Check-ins & welcome new folks
Report back from OC call
Update registration & online forms for program & culture
Update culture subgroup
Update program subgroup: tags, review process, other
Update on program design team / other cross-wg teams
Any specific content for new outreach postcards
Next call, reminder/agenda person, note taker, facilitator

Organizing Committee Report Back

Talked about the core budget. Key things to note:

We're trying to be frugal in terms of spending.
Money will be set aside for a Youth WG Rep, Indigenous Nations WG Rep, and Gender Justice WG :Rep to travel to the NPC and OC meetings. Travel stipends will be capped at $300 for travel between :now and June, and will be based on active participation.
Organizational and NPC/OC representatives are asked to cover their own costs while on the ground.
Each working group will have $1500 for their work. That may mean $3000 total for Program and
A decision on giving a loan to Leftist Lounge to do fundraising for the USSF has been put off until next week.
Talked about coordinating distribution and outreach materials. Got coordinative reports.
Our WG had 2 core questions
Coordinating with Logistics about space: 239 workshop rooms have been identified so far. There is a possibility we can have up to 290 workshop spaces within the next two days. Goal is a minimum of 300.

Additional NPC meeting before the one scheduled in May: We agreed to try to expand participation in the upcoming OC meeting to key NPC members.

Registration and Online Forms Update
Registration and the workshop submission forms are launched and up on the website.
As of Sunday, 51 organizations were registered. Only 10 of them were registered. 245 individual registrations, 176 were with organizations. $8600ish raised so far, with $5000 in hand and $3000 pending.
We need to work to make sure people get their workshop submissions in by March 20th. There will be some additional small changes by ICT.
Regarding Culture submission forms, some things need to be addressed before they go up.
Can we launch the form without translation into Spanish?
Some technical problems with Drupal interface.
Two of their servers crashed, and that's part of the delay on the Culture forms being launched.

Culture Subgroup Update

Leslie stepped up to be a third co-chair on the Culture side. (Oya, Rishi, and Leslie)
Nationally, the subgroup has not been drawing enough consistent participation. It's made it hard to talk about some of the questions we need to address. There is a lot of movement locally with the DLOC :Culture Committee. We will try to integrate the national calls into the local meetings.
We're working on a rough draft budget for the stage. Estimates for the the amphitheater stage are about $25,000. We've been talking about needs in Cobo hall, such as sound systems, mics, etc. A rep from :Program may want to participate in these conversations.
The fireworks have been moved to the day before the USSF.
The biggest event of the Culture Sub-group for Friday the 25th will be the Leftish Lounge. We will be taking over a significant portion of the Eastern Market district. We have 3 venues booked so far, that can hold 7,000. We have an 8 DJ line-up so far.

Program Subgroup Update

Need to revisit the list of tags for workshop submissions. We need to be finalizing that soon. Take a look at it and let us know if there's things you think are missing.
Tags and review process will be a big piece of our process next week.
If you're interested in being a part of the review process, send your name, phone number, and email to Walda. We will create a new list for reviewers.
We started drafting our review process.
The website says the deadline is March 15th-- we will be ensuring that that is changed to the 20th.
Roberto from Language Access sent us a link for folks who are doing workshops that are being interpreted.
Do we have a down loadable submission form? kiran will ask ICT about this.
On the PMA call, someone went on the site and said there was no way to directly submit PMA submissions. This is something that PMA needs to do. :We also need to check in with Ruben and Steph and make sure they know that it's in the PMA's court to get that form up. The Program Design Team calls will help with this communication.
What's the policy around off site workshops? If they do want to be in the booklet, and they do want to be placed in a room, then they need to go through the workshop submission process. If they don't want to be in the Program booklet, and they don't need to be placed in a room by us, then they can organize whatever they want.
We may want to take this policy question to the Program Design Team.

Update on Program Design Team

We have a call scheduled for Feb 13th, at 5pm EST.
Adrienne has a list of folks who will be on there. Most right now are from our working group. We need to do some outreach.
We will check in on what we have and what we need, then see where we need to go from there.
Dan (Seattle) and Fred (Detroit) will rep PMA.

New Outreach Post Cards

They will be doing a batch of new material, and want to go to print on Friday, so need feedback before then.
Workshop submission deadline (March 20th) should be added. Oya will let Maureen know.

Additional Items

Darryl has secured an auditorium that can be a mixed use space. We don't know the rules and regulations for using the space.
For the NPC meeting, there will be a short report on the program design team. We will have a proposal from the plenary group. Adrienne can support getting meetings with Logistics and PMA, and is working with Communications WG to see if they have capacity to take the lead on the printed program team.

Upcoming Calls

Program and Culture Working Group: Mon, 2/22. 9pm EST
Darryl with facilitate, Alicia will take notes.
Program Subgroup: Mon, 2/15, 9pm EST
Culture Subgroup Meeting: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 6:30pm at 313.429.0796
New number for both calls:
Call-in number: 760.569.6000
Access: 1050897 #

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